Hi, this is Chris!
Chris is an artist based on Earth. He specializes in dramatic lighting, bold colors, and experimental, in-camera techniques. Photography has been a passion since he learned how to develop film in high school and has over 15 years of experience. He was super into street photography and story telling. He tried other careers - culinary, graphic design, and even became a volunteer firefighter for a few months - but ultimately gravitated back to photography and video.
 As an extroverted human, he considers himself who can chat with anyone about anything. His energy is always high, and is a huge problem-solver. He can also be goofy at times, but is always a serious person when he needs to be. He has also been known to drop the occasional Dad-joke. 
As a Capricorn-side makes me super ambitious, persistent, loyal, and determined, which makes so much sense, even if astrology might not really be true. Fun facts: I really enjoy movie-marathons, surrealism, Indie rock and Adam Sandler movies.
When I shoot, I try my best story-tell, connect with people and really become their friend. I have a genuine passion for people and photography, and have years, and years of experience shooting lots of things. I like things to look like cinematic, like a scene from a movie. 
I’ve been in this industry for a while and I have always tried to make my work stand-out and look unique. Some photographers can be sort of cliche in their work, but I try my best to make things unique and cinematic. Whether that's with my composition, lighting choices, cropping, or experimental techniques. I became a photographer because I have always felt that photos are the best souvenirs of any moment I want to remember. Happy shooting!
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